‘Tis the season to be jolly

Santa Claus is coming and it’s time to spread some festive cheer! Tis the season to be jolly after all, and what better way to add some fun to the silly season than with Christmas costumes and accessories?!

There is so much more to Christmas than just Santa suits, why not add a little variety to the office party with some of Santa’s little helpers; his elves and the reindeer, or even a jolly snowman and a Christmas pud!  Not forgetting sexy Mrs Claus, or sweet little angels.




























Whether you’re looking for an entire costume for a Christmas party, or accessories for a little holiday touch, we can cater for your every need.

Christmas hats are a perfect way to get into the spirit without having to go all out, or for adding that little bit of cheer to the to the office in the lead up to the holidays, or even as the perfect stocking filler and secret santa gift!

Get ready for some kisses under the mistletoe; snuggling up by the fire; next to the Christmas tree!















Whether you’re going all out or just adding a little sprinkle of festive cheer, don’t be a Grinch and get in the spirit of the holiday season and make this a Christmas to remember!





How to have the spookiest Halloween!














With Halloween nearly upon us, it’s time to get excited about the upcoming festivities, start party planning and find out perfect Halloween costume!

The most important decision to make is what route to go down for your costume – is there a specific theme? Are you going to go ghoulish? Scary? Sinful? So much to choose from! To help you out, here is our guide to getting through the costume selection process!

Make a gameplan! Picking the perfect outfit takes a little bit of planning. You don’t want to be rocking up to the scariest night of the year with a costume that leaves a lot to be answered for.

You need to consider what your night entails – if you’re trick or treating and going to be walking some distance, you may want to consider the comfort of your costume. If you’re attending a party; is there a theme? What is everyone else wearing? Do you want to team up with a friend or a group? Personally, I LOVE a group theme! There’s nothing more fun than dressing up with your gang.

Choose your character: What characteristics do you want your character to have? Do you want to be scary or something more lighthearted and humorous? Sexy or cute? Are you wanting to make a political statement, or poke fun at a piece of pop culture? Be original!

Buy your costume: Once you’ve got a good idea of what character you want to dress up as for Halloween, it’s time to go shopping. In addition to buying a costume, don’t forget those vital accessories that are necessary to bring your character to life. Shoes, hats, gloves, jewellery, wigs and facial hair are all critical elements of your look, so don’t forget these items that are sure to set your costume apart from the rest.

Accessories are also a great way to make a more of an understated impact if you’re not doing the whole full on dress up thing. You could definitely rock a pair of skeleton stockings with a little LBD, or a simple werewolf mask would work with jeans and a t-shirt for a teen wolf vibe.










Make up is another important tool in achieving a fantastic look, especially around Halloween, and there are so many great face paint options and effects. Need some inspiration?

witch make up

skele face

day of dead make up


Need Some Ideas? Here are some of the most popular costume ideas that will surely get the wheels of your imagination turning!

zombie schoolgirl


fluro skele




grim reaper










If you’re the one throwing the party, don’t forget to go all out with caved pumpkins and Halloween treats! There’s even a website dedicated to helping you make the perfect zombie pumpkin! While the Homicidal Homemaker is sure to give you get your gory treats on fleek.

So with FunAntics on your side for costumes you’ve really no excuse not to have the perfect Halloween!

pumpkin trex

New Hen Party Costumes And Games For All Party Animals

It’s time to shake your feathers, bring out the brides and bridesmaids, lock your future mother-in-law in the cupboard; this is your last chance to celebrate as a “free woman”, and it is important that you make the most out of it with the wildest costumes and most hilarious games possible.

We present you with the latest trends that will make the hen party outshine all others. Wink-wink!


Step 1 – come up with a really fun theme! This will go a long way with regards to choosing elements of the party such as costumes and games. Choose a theme personal to the bride, something topical or rock the girl power! At the moment, everyone is raging about a pink flamingo themed party. Make sure the theme represents something that is meaningful to the bride. The key is to let everyone know that you’re having a hen party by walking the walk and talking the talk – there are plenty of outlandish personas you and your ladies could become. A full ward’s worth of sexy nurses, a daring band of superheroines, or even a mischievous gang of criminals!


Funantics.com – Fun & antics come to you – has a whole warehouse stacked with party costumes. The party is sure to make the most impact if everyone dresses up to a theme. For the bride, we offer fun hen do paraphernalia to make her stand out, such as the bride to be boppers, sashes, carry a giant blow up willy, sticking a photo of the groom on a blow up male doll and tons more! And for the guests, feel like a pretty princess and choose amongst the wide selection of fancy tutus that come in a wide variety of colors. Pair it with flamingo sunglasses, hen party hats or even pink, fluffy handcuffs.

Metallic tattoos are all the rage at the moment and the stick-ons are completely removable. Thus eliminating any potential embarrassing permanent markings.

Fun and games

These games are meant to bring out the naughty and wild side of you and your squad. You don’t need to be worried about civility or etiquette for the weekend – this is your rightful time to make the most out of your last few days as a free woman. You will be needing the appropriate props for these games!

 Chocolate Biscuit

This lewd game requires you to use your dirty imagination with props such as handcuffs. The first step is to divide your friends into two teams. The point of the game is to create the naughtiest shape out of a chocolate biscuit. This is achieved by one person holding the biscuit, while another tries to sculpt it by only using their biting abilities, all with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. The most agreeably saucy creation wins!

  • The Selfie Challenge

This game is for the big night out. The rules are simple: get a selfie with the groom-to-be’s doppelganger! It’s every woman for themselves here, as they will be on a desperate hunt for the guy that looks the most like the man of the hour. The person that snags the most uncanny selfie wins! Bonus points for those who get the unsuspecting doppelganger dressed in some of the themed hen do paraphernalia!

  • Truth, Dare, Drink

This game is assured to get crazy. Each person takes a turn to choose a person they want to reveal a scandalous secret, perform a daring stunt chosen from a deck of dare cards, or take a big shot of something potent.

  • Shot glass roulette

The name of the game is shot glass roulette and the rules are simple: Spin an empty bottle around on a table and whoever it points at, has to down a shot. Once finished, it’s your turn to spin.

Your Hen Party is assured to be the most thrilling and hilarious event imaginable with these excellent costume and game ideas. They will bring bonding to a new level ahead of the big day, and bring out the most mischief possible – and make it a night to remember (or forget!) for the bride!

Costume Ideas for Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again. The time when lederhosen and dirndl’s get pulled out of the closet and are worn for 16 days straight at party goers gorge themselves on beer and schnitzel. I am talking about Oktoberfest, of course. Held in Munich, Germany every September, this world’s largest Volkfest attracts more than 6 million people from all over the world. It is an imCostume Ideasportant part of Bavarian culture and cities all over the world have taken up the tradition and hold their own Oktoberfest celebrations.

If you haven’t attended an Oktoberfest, this year is as good as any to start. You don’t have to be German and you don’t have to wear lederhosen, although it does help you blend in better. In fact, why not wear lederhosen? If you are a male, lederhosen are traditional German clothing and they are actually comfortable to wear, if only for a night. Women can choose from traditional dirndl outfits in a wide range of colors.Costume Ideas for

It is true that authentic lederhosen and dirndl can be very expensive, but there are other ways you can wear the traditional clothing without spending a fortune. Funantics carries high quality, comfortable Oktoberfest costumes that are sure to add a touch of realism to your Oktoberfest celebration. From men’s lederhosen costumes, to women’s dirndl costumes, Oktoberfest hats and more, Funantics has the Oktoberfest costume ideas you need.

But why stop there? Just because it is Oktoberfest doesn’t mean that you have to dress the part. It is a party after all and what better way to liven up a party than to show up in costume? Morph suits are always fun and can turn you into the life of the party in no time!

If you are considering attending and Oktoberfest celebration this year, make it even more memorable and dress the part. You will have more fun and you just might make it an annual tradition that you and your family or friends can celebrate.

For more costume ideas, visit Funantics online where you will find hundreds of high quality costumes from funny to scary and everything in between.




With two of the biggest rugby events in SEA just around the corner it’s time to get down to business and get those costumes sorted – STAT! For the fans, it’s all about what you’re wearing in the stands…

You don’t want to leave it last minute and be forced to wear the same outfit as last year (shock, horror!) or running frantically around town trying to pick up something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and has been done sooo many times before… don’t be so passe!

You want your outfit to stand out, be noticed and remembered for years to come… maybe even make it into the SCMP or Straits Times or even be picked up on the telly!

To stand out from the crowd we have a few tips to help you find your perfect costume and with the Hong Kong sevens just 3 weeks away and the Singapore event in 4, there’s no time to waste. Whichever Sevens is going rock your boat this year (perhaps both if you have the stamina!) FunAntics won’t let you down.


The bigger the better! #squadgoals

And I refer to your group size! Not necessarily the size of your outfit…. think of those crowded, narrow stadium steps you have to go up and down every time you go to get a drink! There’s definitely something to be said for strength in numbers here – a big group of you will always stand out more than the odd lone wolf, even if your wolf outfit is awesome. So, gather all your friends together and stick to one theme.  (It’s also so much easier to find your group when you’ve lost your way back from the bar and found yourself in the wrong section!) The more the merrier I say.


Make your group POP with a big splash of COLOUR!
The brighter the better.  An easy way to make your costume stand out is to go for bright and bold colours; neon if you can to make the boldest statement!  Given that the Singapore Sevens theme this year is “show your colours” it’s certainly a good way to go.


Get with the programme

Keep up to date with major events from the last year and what’s popular right now. Costumes that are current and on trend always get noticed.  For example, dear old Queenie was popular the year of the Jubilee; emoji faces; Katy Perry and the left shark following that memorable mistake at the Super Bowl half time show; and you may also remember from a few years back a certain Kim Jong-Un impersonator surrounded by his generals. They certainly left their mark that Sevens and the supreme leader received a lot of, er, favourable attention from the ladies in the South Stand! ;P

I can certainly think of a few figureheads who will be top of the list this year….(Cough, small hands, ahem…)


Think outside the box
Keep it original and fresh. Yes, a bunch of Crayola crayons or minions are great, but after over 40 years of the Hong Kong sevens a lot of outfits have been done time and time again. Mix it up and put a little more time and thought into your outfit to get you noticed.


Failing that – you can always fall back on the shock factor

It’s certainly one way to make a statement, and if you’re keen to wander round the stadium (& the city streets post the rugby) in a mankini then be our guest! Though it may be not be right for everyone…


Be patriotic

If you’re there to support your home country and actually watch some rugby (say whaaat?!) then you could always consider a touch of patriotism a la the Fijians who do it so well – bold, colourful and always in a big group!


So remember to keep it relevant and be bold in whichever way you choose. Just make sure you’re not the odd one out who hasn’t made an effort like this poor chump!


FunAntics are always here to lend a hand, whatever your needs we’ll try our best to help you make a statement and stand out from the crowd!


For large groups wanting more choice you can register an event on our events site http://funantics.com.sg/    (longer delivery time needed to be delivered from our suppliers) Get in touch – info@funantics.com.sg


Our final tip would be to check out this HK 7’s survival guide to help get you through the weekend – http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/26/travel/gallery/hk7s-survival-tips/index.html


Anyone still after tickets for Hong Kong – good luck! But you can have a go on Viagogo. http://hksevens.com/

There are still a few tickets available for the Singapore Sevens which you can get through the main website – http://www.singapore7s.sg/



Bex and Chloe are beyond excited to finally be able to bring the fun and antics direct to you in Singapore, and to help us celebrate we hope you’ll join us in a ghoulishly fun pub crawl around Boat Quay – and it wouldn’t be a FunAntics party without fancy dress!

Fantastic value – included in the ticket are 8 drinks at different bars on the crawl and a choice of outfit or accessories from our collection up to a value of 30 SGD.

So please join us in a pub crawl around select bars in Boat Quay on none other than Guy Fawkes night in FunAntics’ best halloween garb.

We will shortly include the necessary link for you to choose your favourite FunAntics halloween costume and we’ll get it ready for you to wear on the night. Please order your outfit from us by the 21st October.
Wrist bands will be provided to all guests to allow you your free drink at each bar. We will be starting in The Penny Black for a couple of drinks, and then moving on to the other bars once everyone has gathered and loosened up with a couple of drinks, with 5 other stops and a drink in each and a shot or two along the way!
All you have to do is turn up with your dancing shoes and be fabulous – FunAntics will do the rest! 🙂

Please head to the EventBrite page to purchase your tickets and confirm your attendance – spaces are limited so sign up now and don’t miss out!